Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Henry: nine month recap

I can't believe we are heading into Henry's tenth month!  Time flies!  Month nine was absolutely fantastic!  We had a super-fun family trip to Tahoe and Henry spent a few days with Grammie while Rod and I attended a fabulous wedding in Mendocino, CA (congrats Katie & Brandon!). We were only gone for two days and one night; but, I must admit, it was tough being away from our little man.  While enjoying our beach-front hotel,  Rod and I just had to devote a little time to watching Henry video-clips; we missed him so much!

This month, Henry:
-     Cut two more teeth! 
-     Started saying, "Mamamama"  (not sure if he know what it means - but it makes me melt!)
-     Started "swiping" the iPhone (he is obsessed with cell-phones!)
-     Started crawling around the house (The kid loves power cords!  We had to swoop-in and
       make sure all of our power outlets were fitted with safety plugs!)
-     With the help of Mommy, he finished reading "Charlotte's Web" and started "The Hobbit"
-     Started "dancing" to music!

Silly faces with mom!

Crawling around!


Henry loves the Easter Bunny!

Listening to Mommy read "Charlotte's Web"

He's thinking, "Mom!! You're smothering me!" - love this little guy!


Vishnu said...

I see water and wine on the chair - which one is Henry drinking these days!! :)

The one with him and the Easter bunny is a classic!

Happy almost 1 year Henry!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Hi Vishnu! Neither, he's a milk guy! Haha! :) So glad I got a shot of him and the Easter Bunny! Love it!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Smother away...they truly do grow up so fast!! Glad you are enjoying every single moment.

Nancy said...

OH he is SO darn cute!!! Love that last picture! That is a framer for sure!!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!! He is adorable!! You look great as well!! Can't believe he is 9 months already!!

Faith said...

He is beautiful! Love those eyes of his! And that last one, LOVE it!