Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get what you want out of life!

A dear friend of ours (hi Vishnu!) posted a super-insightful segment on his blog about how to achieve peace and get what you want out of life.
Vishnu's perspective is particularly valuable to me because I have seen his personal transformation first-hand.  Some years back, he and my husband worked together as trial lawyers here in Sacramento, CA.  Although Vishnu seemed to "have it all", he began to ask himself if he was getting what he wanted out of life (he is very open about his experiences on his blog - check it out if you're interested!). He decided he wanted to make some major life-changes for the better.  Now, he is living the life of his dreams with a fantastic job, exotic travel, and fulfilling experiences!
Vishnu's advice includes topics such as: letting go, forgiveness, and trust -- all things I feel are imperative to a peaceful and happy life!
Check out his 21 Universal Laws to Help You get Everything You want in Life!

Speaking of having everything you want in life...enjoy our photos from our Tahoe vacation!  I am so grateful for my beautiful family and the time we spend together!
He insisted on playing in the water...even though it's freezing!!!
Sand and sunscreen don't mix! But both are imperative for a fun day in the sun!
Playing in the sand with his best friend Hugo!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A picnic themed first birthday!

Surrounded by our friends and family, Henry celebrated his first birthday last weekend!  The party was a fantastic success!  Henry loved his cake and the picnic theme was adorable!

Picnic printables can be found here.
Bumble Bee printables can be found here.
Basket liners can be found here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fitbit Flex Review

So I received a Fitbit  Flex for my birthday in February, 2014. When I tore open the gift, I was surprised and a bit skeptical because I didn't ask for it (are you telling me I need to lose weight?!) and I wasn't exactly sure what it was.  I was nervous that it would be a gimmick; something I might go crazy for at first and then my interest would fade after a few weeks.
Four months later, I am pleasantly surprised by the consistency at which I've utilized it! I check my "steps" throughout the day and make a real effort to meet my daily goal (10.5 thousand steps).  It has been a super-awesome tool in helping to shed my post-baby weight. With the help of MyFitnessPal, I'm slowly but surely getting back!

From what I've gathered, here are a few of the coolest features:
  • Low maintenance - The bracelet is small, unobtrusive, versatile (comes in many colors) and the  battery lasts seven days.  The bracelet sends you an email when the battery is getting low - it's fantastic!
  • Cost - at an initial $99 (and no maintenance fees), you can't go wrong!
  • Syncs with MyFitnessPal - I have been using MyFitnessPal for years to track my food intake.  Once I initially connected the apps, my info now automatically syncs in both locations.  So my available calories are continuously being updated throughout the day.
  • Ease of use - the Fitbit App is amazingly simple, clean, and easy to use.  Just the way I like (and need) it!
  • Seriously motivates - I'm no athlete.  Before the Fitbit Flex, I counted my trips to the bathroom and kitchen as "exercise".  Now that I can count my steps, I am motivated to take an extra walk (or two) each day and it has really helped in the weight loss category.   
Here are a few things that could be better:
  • The "worn" look - The bracelets seem to take on a "worn" look fairly quickly and don't seem to clean-up well.
  • The clasp - The clasp is initially difficult to use; but gets easier after the first few times. Also, I sometimes feel like it could easily fall off. 
Overall, I LOVE my Fitbit Flex!  If you're looking for a fun way to track your fitness, I would recommend the Fitbit Flex!