Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easy meal for a busy mom

Just a quick disclaimer: mom isn't the only one who makes dinner in the Rolex household.  But when I'm in charge of dinner, and we've had a crazy day, and are heading into a crazy night (I have to pack for a weekend trip):  I need a quick dinner plan.

Some nights are just too busy for a complicated meal; who am I kidding? Most nights are too busy for a complicated meal.   That's why I love Trader Joe's BBQ Chicken Teriyaki and Jasmine Rice.  Place some white rice on the stove, heat-up the BBQ Chicken Teriyaki, and voilà! 15 minutes later, dinner is served; you've got a happy family and lots of time for packing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I had to grab this wine at Trader Joe's - "wine" and "Henry" are two of my favorite things! 
...and a little Winter Squash for Henry (who isn't old enough to enjoy mom's gourmet cooking, yet)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Henry: eight month recap

This month has been absolutely gorgeous!  The weather has been beautiful here in the Sacramento area and we are enjoying every minute!  We've been taking family walks and spending lots of time outside!

Henry's personality is becoming more defined every day. He is still a super-mello guy, but he is learning how to communicate both verbally and physically (like waving "goodbye"). 

This month, Henry:

     -     Cut four more teeth!  The little guy is like a shark (but he doesn't bite - thank goodness)!
     -     Started waving "bye-bye" 
     -     Is eating "real" food, in addition to his milk, for breakfast; lunch; and dinner
     -     Started saying "Da-da" - He doesn't know what he's saying; but it makes Dad come running!
     -     Started army crawling everywhere.  He gets around like a champ via the army crawl!

Outside, helping Dad garden

The side glance
His face totally cracks me up in this one!
Hanging with his BFF Hugo
"I'll have a mimosa, please...when I'm 21"
"Hey, Dad!  Where's mine?"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Henry: seven month recap

For a while, Henry's next milestone was my obsession.  I wanted him to grow, grow, grow.  Everyone told me that they grow-up fast.  But I really had no idea.  It's like one day he was born and in a blink he is turning into a little man.   I have no doubt that in another blink he will be riding a bike and then graduating from high school. It may sound strange, but my heart breaks a little when I stop to think about how quickly he is growing.  Someday he will be too big to hold in my arms.  Someday he'll be too old to put his head on my shoulder and drift to sleep when he is tired. As a result, I have gained a fresh appreciation for life in the present.  I'm snapping lots of photos and drinking in every smile and cuddle. Each night, when I put him down to bed, I inhale his baby scent; hug him tight; and promise myself that I will never forget this moment - knowing that I will never have it back again. 

This month, Henry:

     -  Cut his first tooth (bottom right-front!)
     -  Began eating "real" food (sweet potatoes are his favorite!)
     -  Began scooting around the room (not crawling-but almost!)
     -  Is sitting-up for short periods of time