Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I was running...

In my never-ending continuing quest to get fit and healthy, I joined a running group through Fleet Feet Sports.  I'm sticking to the shorter distances (5K and 10K), but it's a start! My best friend (Jessica from California Girl) joined the group with me and we meet-up on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Joining a team has been fantastic!  Like many people, I'm not super athletic and don't enjoy exercise, so the team helps to motivate and hold me accountable for attending practices and races.  I can also take Henry with me - which is a great perk!

If you're interested in joining a run/walking program, contact your nearest Fleet Feed Sports.

Ready to run! Rod and Henry joined me during my last race; the Urban Cow!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The chef's table - for toddlers

I seriously considered naming this post short-order-cook because when you are the parent of a toddler- it's a pretty accurate description.  But then I thought better of it; because seriously, what kind of short-order-cook spends endless hours obsessing about the ingredients, edibility, nutritional value, and preparation of food?  A better word is chef . We are serving tiny, messy, fickle, sometimes grouchy, adorable, and (let's be honest) beast-like  beings who could like (or dislike) whatever you set in front of them based on a whim. I must admit, I spend massive amounts of time coming up with meal ideas for Henry.  Finding the perfect combination of edibility and nutrition is nearly impossible.

Like most toddlers, Henry is a very finicky eater.  Just because he eats his veggies on Monday, doesn't mean he'll eat them on Tuesday.   And I can get pretty desperate on the days he just doesn't seem to want anything. Confession: I have (in desperation and immense fear of starvation during a toddler hunger-strike) offered Goldfish as a form of dairy. Shameful, I know. ;)

Thankfully, I visit Mommy is my day job to steal ideas on how to get kiddos to gobble-up wholesome foods without giving them the slightest notion that they've been swindled into eating a healthy and balanced meal. Amanda is my mommy-idol and her blog is jam-packed with valuable parenting tips and tricks.  Because her blog has been super-helpful to me, I wanted to share the wealth and  periodically pass on my meal ideas with other parents as well - because we're all in this together, right?

Dinner tonight:
1. Hardboiled Eggs (he ate two and the rest were tossed on the floor)
2. Zucchini (this was actually for our dinner as well, he seemed to like it)
4. Banana (ate a little, he's not a big fan)
5. Quesodilla (2-3 bites)

Dinner is topped off by a lovely sippy-cup of whole milk (not pictured).

First installment of The Chef's Table - for Toddlers

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get what you want out of life!

A dear friend of ours (hi Vishnu!) posted a super-insightful segment on his blog about how to achieve peace and get what you want out of life.  http://www.vishnusvirtues.com/
Vishnu's perspective is particularly valuable to me because I have seen his personal transformation first-hand.  Some years back, he and my husband worked together as trial lawyers here in Sacramento, CA.  Although Vishnu seemed to "have it all", he began to ask himself if he was getting what he wanted out of life (he is very open about his experiences on his blog - check it out if you're interested!). He decided he wanted to make some major life-changes for the better.  Now, he is living the life of his dreams with a fantastic job, exotic travel, and fulfilling experiences!
Vishnu's advice includes topics such as: letting go, forgiveness, and trust -- all things I feel are imperative to a peaceful and happy life!
Check out his 21 Universal Laws to Help You get Everything You want in Life!

Speaking of having everything you want in life...enjoy our photos from our Tahoe vacation!  I am so grateful for my beautiful family and the time we spend together!
He insisted on playing in the water...even though it's freezing!!!
Sand and sunscreen don't mix! But both are imperative for a fun day in the sun!
Playing in the sand with his best friend Hugo!