Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy camper!

Happy 2nd birthday to our beautiful boy!  We celebrated Henry's big Oh-Two with a very small group of friends.  Since Henry's favorite thing is being "outside", we decided to go with a camping-themed birthday; we even dressed in our best camping-gear!  It was a super-fun day!

It is absolutely mind-boggling how quickly Henry is growing.  It seems like only a short time has passed since I was holding him for the first time, looking down at his sweet, tiny, baby face and welcoming him into the world.  He is so quickly transitioning from a baby into a sweet and loving little boy and we are embracing every second!

Happy birthday to our sweet Henry!  We love you more than anything!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mountain getaway

After the stress of the past few months, we decided to escape to the mountains for a long weekend! And what a difference the fresh air made!  We came home feeling much lighter and so refreshed!  Sometimes it's good to get away from everything in order to reset and get back to normal.  And let me tell ya, "normal" has never felt so good!
We stayed in Truckee near Donner Lake (so beautiful) and Henry had a fabulous time playing in the dirt, collecting sticks, throwing rocks in the lake, and paddleboarding. 
When we're in the wilderness, this is how we roll!
Paddleboarding with Mom!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good news!

A few days ago we visited the Pediatric Neurosurgeon to review Henry's CT Scan and MRI results.  In my last post, I expressed grave anxiety after an Arachnoid Cyst and excess cerebral spinal fluid was discovered on his brain. After waiting nearly a month to see the neurosurgeon, I was queazy with fear and anxiety.  Four weeks of WebMD (and a million other sites on Arachnoid Cysts) prepared me for the worst.  The internet certainly is a mother's worst enemy when going through something like this.  I actually watched a brain surgery to remove an Arachnoid Cyst on YouTube - it wasn't pretty. 

To our relief, the neurosurgeon, Dr. Sean McNatt, was extremely reassuring.  He let us know that Henry's cyst was relatively small and that there is a strong possibility that he will never suffer symptoms.  So no brain surgery!  The cyst is on the very top of his head; the area of the brain responsible for motor functions on the left side of his body.  Since Henry seems to be developing normally, Dr. McNatt suggested living life as usual, just "keeping an eye out" for a few things.

Moving forward, we will have periodic MRIs to monitor cyst activity and make sure it stays small and unobtrusive. We will monitor him to make sure he is developing normally - something we already do.  Plus, we need to make extra efforts to reduce his risk for head injury (head injuries can cause the cyst to rupture-which can be very dangerous); so no rugby or tackle football for this guy!  

I want to thank all of you who sent your positive thoughts and prayers our way.  We are so grateful for your positive energy and kind words of encouragement - it certainly helped carry us through this frightening event.  You guys are the best!

We also want to give a shout out to Henry's primary pediatrician, Dr. Diane Chan. Dr. Chan has remained in constant contact with us through this entire event.  She called and emailed us on weekends and days off and was always there to answer questions.  If anyone is looking for a pediatrician at Kaiser in Roseville, California - she comes highly recommended!  We love her! 

After we were finished with our appointment, we had frozen yogurt to celebrate the great news!  Henry was a big fan!