Saturday, August 22, 2015

Any given day in the life of Rolex

Life has been good for Rolex since Henry's second birthday!  He is certainly keeping us on our toes!  The big oh-two has been treating him well.  He suddenly started speaking in sentences (most of them unintelligible to everyone but mom and dad, but sentences nonetheless).   He exerts his independence at every opportunity (Hold hands when in the grocery store? Not a chance!).  He is wild about Chuggington; he's constantly shouting (usually out of nowhere) "All Aboard!" and "Choo Choo!!!"   His lively personality is revealed a little more each day.  It's so incredible to watch!

Potty training seems to be the topic of the hour with my friends who have children Henry's age.  Rod and I (Rolex) are taking the "hands-off" approach to potty training.  We bought a potty and have it in the living room so he can sit on it any time he'd like.  We speak casually about the potty, and talk about peeing and pooping on the potty, and generally try to make it sound like a super-fun and exciting thing.  So far, he's only semi-interested and we're okay with that.   We are thinking about hitting potty training more seriously between 2&1/2 and 3.

A few days after his second birthday, we had a minor health scare related to his arachnoid cyst.  He had some weakness in his leg that was making it difficult for him to walk, but it was only temporary (it only lasted one-very scary-day) and all seems back to normal (thank God!).  We are in super-close contact with his doctors and we are all carefully monitoring.  We are hoping it was a strange fluke.

In the meantime, life has been pretty amazing (I have much more to blog about).  We are embracing every wonderful moment!

Taking a few pics with Mom
Multi-tasking by eating a snack, while brushing his teeth
(notice the toothbrush in his right hand), and sitting on the potty.
The look on his face is hilarious!
Watching Chuggington (his favorite show)
Running through the fountains on a hot day!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy camper!

Happy 2nd birthday to our beautiful boy!  We celebrated Henry's big Oh-Two with a very small group of friends.  Since Henry's favorite thing is being "outside", we decided to go with a camping-themed birthday; we even dressed in our best camping-gear!  It was a super-fun day!

It is absolutely mind-boggling how quickly Henry is growing.  It seems like only a short time has passed since I was holding him for the first time, looking down at his sweet, tiny, baby face and welcoming him into the world.  He is so quickly transitioning from a baby into a sweet and loving little boy and we are embracing every second!

Happy birthday to our sweet Henry!  We love you more than anything!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mountain getaway

After the stress of the past few months, we decided to escape to the mountains for a long weekend! And what a difference the fresh air made!  We came home feeling much lighter and so refreshed!  Sometimes it's good to get away from everything in order to reset and get back to normal.  And let me tell ya, "normal" has never felt so good!
We stayed in Truckee near Donner Lake (so beautiful) and Henry had a fabulous time playing in the dirt, collecting sticks, throwing rocks in the lake, and paddleboarding. 
When we're in the wilderness, this is how we roll!
Paddleboarding with Mom!